Back to Basics - helping you lead the simple life.

We offer a wide range of products from greenhouse veggies and flowers, to grain that will keep your animals and livestock on a healthy and nutritional diet. We carry coal, woodpellets and kiln-dried firewood that will heat your home during the fall and winter seasons. Back to Basics is a top seller of KUMA stove products, leisure line stove inserts, and Harman Coal Stoves and Furnaces.

We also stock many well-known brands of dog and cat food ranging from Taste of the Wild, and all holistic all life stage diet and the popular Eukanuba and Iams dog food. We are a proud seller of Poulin, Purina, Blue Seal, and Triple Crown feeds. So whether you need to heat your home, beautify your yard or feed your pigs, ducks or alpacas - we have everything you need at Back to Basics!